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Russ Wholesale Flowers Delivers to Lake Forest, IL Academy Wedding

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Located about 30 miles north of Chicago, Lake Forest is a peaceful suburb situated along Lake Michigan.  Lake Forest has been the destination for many weddings we've served due to the fact that it has one of Illinois' nicest beaches as well as a numerous amount of fancy homes hidden under immense areas of luxurious greenery.  This community was designed with tranquility in mind which is perfect for any wedding because we know how busy your special day will be and it's always nice to be in a peaceful environment.  We love visiting Lake Forest and delivering flowers all across this beautiful suburb.  With an amazing beach and quiet community, this suburb has many great opportunities for amaizing pictures.  Learn more about our wedding flower services here.

Wedding In Lake Forest at Lake Forest Academy

We had the pleasure of contributing to a beautiful wedding and delivering their flowers to the Armour House at the Lake Forest Academy.  This venue was one of the most gorgeous venues we have ever visited.  According to the National Register of Historic Places, this prestigious Italian Villa is one of the most historic wedding photography venues in the Chicago land area that combines an old world charm with modern needs, the elegance of art with the grandeur of nature.    

Why Hire Russ Wholesale Flowers?

Russ Wholesale Flowers is able to save our consumers money by offering the freshest wholesale priced product and applying the best design element while charging a discounted labor fee.  Russ wanted a way to expand his business and yet continue to offer a great product at wholesale pricing. The flowers are shipped directly to us,  we design it, and then we deliver direct to you, our customer.


- We Work With Fresh Flowers and Silk Flowers
- We Deliver the Freshest Flowers
- Because we supply the flowers, you get a discounted labor fee
- Even though we believe we are the best price, we will do price comparisons, just ask us!

We will do price comparisons – Just ask us.

How does it work?  

To keep overhead low and to pass onto customers great pricing, Russ Wholesale Flowers does not stock or carry inventory.  Therefore, each custom order is purchased and created specifically for the desired event.  The H Photography Napervilleflowers remain super fresh because there is no additional storage time. The flowers are shipped directly to us,  we design it, and then we deliver direct to you, our customer.   This three step model that has worked again and again.

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Flowers from the Armour House in Lake Forest

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