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Flowerbudi Deluxe

FlowerBudi Delux

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So simple to use, Flowerbudi lets you press, cut, and arrange fresh or fabric blossoms into artful, eye-catching arrangements.

Flowerbudi Deluxe

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Arrange flowers in 3 easy steps with professional results. Introducing Flowerbudi Easy Flower Design System! With our patented Flowerbudi Pattern and Flowerbudi Presses, design round centerpieces, highstyle designs, and arrange roses like a pro in minutes. Gather flowers (fresh or silk) and enjoy a lifetime of creativity with Flowerbudi.

So simple to use, Flowerbudi lets you press, cut, and arrange fresh or fabric blossoms into artful, eye-catching arrangements.

  1. Includes a color-coded, numbered and lettered chart; two double-sided arrangement presses; a block of floral foam; a green plastic design bowl; and detailed, full color instructions and recipes.
  2. Vinyl construction
  3. Measurements: Chart 28"L x 6"W; Floral foam 9" x 4" x 3"; Bowl 8-3/4" x 6-3/4" x 2"H
  4. Made in USA

Flowerbudi flower design system is all about fun!Here are some tips to help with your design success:

  • We recommend a good pair of floral cutters for fresh flowers and wire cutters for silk flowers.

  • Start by selecting your flowers from your garden or favorite store. Choose fresh flowers with straight sturdy stems.
  • Use floral wire to strengthen or straighten unruly flower stems. Floral wire comes in different gauges #16-#30. The higher the gauge the thinner the wire. Lower the gauge the thicker the wire. Our favorite gauge for supporting stems is #22. Floral wire is available at any hobby store.

  • Tape should be used to secure floral foam to your container in the case of large, tall or heavy arrangements so they do not topple over. Our pick for tape is 1/2 inch strapping tape found at any hardware store.

  • Always remove any foliage (leaves) on lower end of flower stems to ensure smooth insertion into the floral foam. Stem leaves should never enter floral foam or the water in vased arrangements.

    • Select floral foam. There are two types of floral foam used with the Flowerbudi system.

    • Wet foam is used for fresh flowers (not wet until soaked in water) and dry foam used for silk flowers and dried materials. Styrofoam does not work with the Flowerbudi Presses.

    • 1/2 brick of floral foam is used for the arrangements in the Flowerbudi system. To saturate wet foam with water, place 1/2 brick of wet foam in a sink or bucket of water. Wet foam should naturally absorb water. Never force foam into the water, this will cause dry spots in the foam.

  • Floral preservative in the water is recommended to lengthen fresh flower life. Floral preservative mistakenly called flower food, does not feed the flowers but keeps the water free from bacteria thus extending fresh flower life. Floral preservative is similar to swimming pool chemicals.

  • Remember to add fresh water daily to your fresh flower arrangement.

  • Color choices for your arrangement has a lot to do with personal preference. Our expert advice is to always balance your color. For instance, in a round arrangement if you place a red flower on one side, place a red flower on the opposite side for balance. You will have fun selecting your flower choices if you consider balance and symmetry before doing so.






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