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A Bit of History on Silk Flowers

It is stated that the Chinese mastered the skills of working with silk more then 5000 years ago and in turn created the elaborate silk floral replicas. As early as the twelfth century, Marco Polo brought the art crafts to the Italians who began making artificial flowers and in the 14th century, the French continued to improve the quality of both fabrics and fabric flowers that they became known as the best.

morgan levine3 Silk Real Touch Flowers   Why You Will Love Real Touch Wholesale Flowers for SaleIn the 1960′s crepe paper flowers gave way to colored thin foam sheets which had increased popularity due to not fading as quickly as crepe paper.

Manufacturers have tried to recreate the beauty of perishable flowers and the mass production of the "plastic flower", kept the interest in artificial flowers at an unusually low point in history. The term "permanent botanicals" became the term most florist used for silk and other artificial flowers for many years.

Most flowers are now from the cotton/polyester blend fabrics that hold color dyes, retain their textures and display well, exceeding any manufactured product from the past. Today’s flowers are magnificently real that to look at them from a distance one could never tell the authentic from a silk that you almost have to touch them to distinguish from nature’s own. I challenge you to walk into a hotel lobby or a fine restaurant and see if you can tell the difference from a silk floral arrangement or the real plant. Some high quality flowers are hand painted to give that illusion of real blooms and stems.

Silk flowers are so well crafted one would never guess the authenticity. These beauties captivate me and I have to step close to touch them to see if they are in fact real. I have seen silk floral arrangements designed with a mix of silk flowers and leaves with real plants and I cannot tell the difference, I commend the florist designer their creativity.

Introducing Silk Real Touch Flowers

Silk real touch flowers is the term typically used to refer to the newest generation of artificial flowers which not only 54ba6006ffb2f8032c7fa2e455494772.image.143x200 Silk Real Touch Flowers   Why You Will Love Real Touch Wholesale Flowers for Salelook, but feel realistic.  These flowers are also called natural touch or soft touch flowers. Often made from latex, they are waterproof, do not crush and do not fade. They are the highest quality silk flower to look at and to feel. One silk flower is not like any other silk flower, they are all unique creations.

Real touch flowers are manufactured as close as possible to the real flower it represents and are conditioned to feel real. Not all real touch flowers can be dip dyed as glue and other items in the flower will take the dye differently and actually ruin the flower. There are other methods of dyeing other then spray that should be done by professionals.

Real touch flowers are made out of latex as opposed to fabric, so they have a texture that mimics real flower petals. A lot of times, they are a more detailed than real flowers in their coloring. Real touch flowers are so realistic that they depict the finest lines and veins that natural flowers show.

Most people do not realize that these are fake flowers unless they closely inspect them. They have the room brightening effect of real flowers without the cost and short life span. Real touch flowers come in two different sizes of bloom: the small is more like a rose bud and the large is slightly more open.

Real Touch Flowers for Wedding

Real touch flowers are an amazing option that brides should definitely consider for their wedding flowers.  Real touch flowers are a newer brand of artificial flowers that look unbelievably real. Real Touch started becoming more popular around 2005, and have been becoming more and more used by brides. Even brides that said they would never have artificial flowers at their wedding are now using them.

60012 Silk Real Touch Flowers   Why You Will Love Real Touch Wholesale Flowers for SaleReal touch flowers are a lasting memory of your special day. The arrangements can be saved or appreciated as gifts by family members or bridesmaids. They will remain as beautiful and as fresh looking as the day they were created.

The only colors in natural touch flowers that don’t seem realistic is any shade of blue. You could use white or ivory flowers & then add accents with ribbons, pearls, crystals etc to bring in the blue or even add another flower color such as hot pink or pale pink.


I’ve worked with real touch for several years, and I can’t believe how many times that I am still fooled by them because they look just like the fresh flowers I work with everyday. 

In terms of pricing, a typical bouquet in normal silk fabric would cost approximately $25. The same bouquet in Real Touch would cost approximately $60. Clearly they are more expensive then normal grade artificial flowers and can even cost the same as fresh flowers, but they will last forever.

Real Touch Flowers for Sale

Some online companies are passing themselves off as florists dealing only in real touch flowers with extremely low prices. The pricing alone tells you that these are poor quality flowers and you are not getting the best real touch available from reputable companies. Purchase a real touch flower and take it somewhere where there are fresh flowers. If you can’t tell the difference you have a good quality artificial flower.

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