In this video, see how Russ and Heidy create an Astilbe Wedding Bouquet and learn how you can create one yourself! They go through the steps from cutting the Astilbe, to putting the bouquet together, to proper storage of the Astilbe so it stays vibrant and fresh.

How to Make an Astilbe Wedding Bouquet Video


Russ: Welcome to another show of Russ on Flowers. I'm your host, Russ. Today we're going to be talking about bouquets. In general, we will be talking about Astilbe bouquet.

Astilbe bouquets are a lovely flower and have come in in the last few years. Brides really love them a lot. So I'm going to have my designer come in and we're going to show you how to build an Astilbe bouquet.

Okay, so here we have a bunch of Astilbe.

Woman: We use a product called Quick Dip. It really is good for like hydrangeas, any flowers that are very delicate flowers that are cut from gardens especially brides that cut something from the outside. This is a product that you would use before you hydrate your flowers. It would be their first drink that they would get.

Russ: Which means before you cut and put them in water, you use the Quick Dip and you stick it in there, right?

Woman: Right, just cut the ends, and then you want to just put them in the Quick Dip, and then they go straight into your water to hydrate the bouquet. Our flowers have already been hydrated, we've already did it, we're just showing you again how to do it.

All right, to make an Astilbe bouquet, basically you're going to be taking the stems, the flowers to start your base and you’re going to be making them into… Just kind of a crisscross them.

Russ: Are you going to keep all the leaves on this?

Woman: On Astilbe, we are because there is no really anything else… Astilbe is just a straight flower. So without the greens, you really don't have any… Some of them, I will take them off to fill in different parts so we don't get too many greens in there, but as we work our way down. And you want to, as you work your way down, kind of lower the flower going that way.

Russ: The girls really love Astilbe.

Woman: It's a very, very delicate flower though. In the hot months, you just definitely don't want to have them outside like in 90-degree weather. They are very beautiful flowers, but just very delicate.

Today we're using two bunches of Astilbe.

Russ: They are 7.70 a bunch.

Woman: So it's about 20 stems.

Russ: You can order them at Russ Wholesale Flowers.

Woman: Just trying to get it all even around like that. And then we are going to use green floral tape to bind them.

Russ: That's a thick one we usually use. We have a small and there's thick. So it's kind of your preference on how you use it. Show the camera how you're spinning it.

Woman: So we've just taken the tape. Bring it around. And that's how this tape works. As you pull…

Russ: It sticks.

Woman: …it sticks to each other. And that would be it.

Russ: What about the ribbon?

Woman: And then you're going to cut the ends all even like this. This particular bride would like us to finish off with some ivory satin ribbon, which you can use number 9 or number 40 whatever your preference is. You twist it. And then you go back up. And what I do is, at the top, I go into a knot. Pull it and it just finishes it right off. It leaves the ribbon right at the top. We finish it with a pearl pin.

Russ: One pearl pin?

Woman: You can put one pearl pin at the end if that’s what you want to finish it. Otherwise for another touch, you can go right down and you can do pearl pins right down to give you that pearl pin…

Russ: A little bit lower.

Woman: …finish like that. That’s your Astilbe bouquet. It’s simple.