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Arlington Heights Wedding Flowers

 Russ Wholesale Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Because Russ Wholesale Flowers is local, we serve many weddings in the Chicago suburbs. One city that we do many weddings for is Arlington Heights, IL. This gorgeous city is located 25 miles northwest from downtown Chicago and offers a variety of attractions including lodging, dining, shopping, cultural, and entertainment needs.  Whether you’re a visitor to the Chicago Area or a long time resident, there is always something beautiful to discover in Arlington Heights!  Visitors have the chance to see several historic buildings at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum, including a coach house and a log cabin.  Many photographers use Arlington Heights for its upscale architecture and attractive landscaping.  Downtown Arlington Heights was voted “One of the Most Desirable Downtowns” in a Daily Herald Newspaper survey.  There is also beautiful Harmony Park situated in the downtown area offering views of the tree-lined streets, fashionable architecture, and unique sculptures.  Learn more about our wedding flower services here.

Arlington Heights Metropolis Ballroom Wedding

We had the privilege of supplying flowers to the Metropolis Ballroom for an amazing wedding.  This venue offered hardwood flooring, exposed wood beams, exposed brick, and natural lighting.  The Metropolis Ballroom offered this beautiful reception a space for the ceremony that could either be indoor or outside in a park setting.  Located downtown, the attractive venue is near many restaurants and bars so you can let the party go all night long!

Why Hire Russ Wholesale Flowers?

Russ Wholesale Flowers is able to save our consumers money by offering the freshest wholesale priced product and applying the best design element while charging a discounted labor fee.  Russ wanted a way to expand his business and yet continue to offer a great product at wholesale pricing. The flowers are shipped directly to us,  we design it, and then we deliver direct to you, our customer.

- We Work With Fresh Flowers and Silk Flowers
- We Deliver the Freshest Flowers
- Because we supply the flowers, you get a discounted labor fee
- Even though we believe we are the best price, we will do price comparisons, just ask us!

We will do price comparisons – Just ask us.

How does it work?  

To keep overhead low and to pass onto customers great pricing, Russ Wholesale Flowers does not stock or carry inventory.  Therefore, each custom order is purchased and created specifically for the desired event.  The flowers remain super fresh because there is no additional storage time. The flowers are shipped directly to us,  we design it, and then we deliver direct to you, our customer.   This three step model that has worked again and again.

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Flowers from the Metropolis Ballroom Wedding in Arlington Heights

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